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100% natural extract without preservatives, pesticides and additives

a unique food supplement that has no analogues on the market

it is an extract of the best that nature provides us

supports immunity

has anti-inflammatory effects

cleans blood vessels

lowers cholesterol

protects the lungs

improves eyesight (especially amblyopia)

supports the proper functioning of the heart, liver, kidneys and general blood circulation

acts as a powerful antioxidant

has aphrodisiac effects

Kombooster Organic


Kombucha is 100% natural Kombucha extract made from organic green tea, filtered water and highest quality natural sugar. This dark colored liquid of unique characteristics, provide and facilitate large number of health benefits. Kombooster is many times stronger than any Kombucha liquid so the benefit to the human body is much stronger and the benefits are occurring a lot faster. It contains vitamins (B2, B5, B6, C), minerals. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium as well as organic acids - acetic, propionic, gluconic, glucuronic and lactic acid.

An impressive number of benefits are generated by the consummation of Kombooster, the strongest Kombucha extract of the market today. We all know that whatever we eat and drink on a daily basis, contributes to health and wellbeing. However, these are few often overlooked benefits that Kombooster provides:

  • There is a chronical lack of energy & focus in the reality of modern-day life. Kombooster protects liver, cleans the blood and feeds our body and brain with fresh energy that turns in to health, immunity and performance boost.
  • Today, a lot women and man are under dieting plans like Paleo or another diet or detoxification program – for those Kombooster is the must, absolutely needed food supplement.
  • Kombooster improves the function of your digestive tract and supports your immune system. Since 80% of the immune system is located in the gut area and the digestive system is the expansion of the neurological system, it’s no surprise the human digestive system is called ‘the second brain.’
  • Kombooster contains very powerful antioxidants. These substances fight free radicals and reactive molecules which damage cells in our body in various ways. Kombooster creates strong antioxidants effect that liver in our body, nowadays often, fails to provide.
  • Being exposed to a significant quantity of processed food and chemicals within the environment of today’s modern life can lead to stress which in turn contributes the chronic inflammation(s) within the body. Kombooster is helping reduce the inflammation at the roots of most diseases.
  • Kombooster is rapidly lowering toxicity in your liver that is caused by various chemicals we get from drinking, foodstuff and living environment.
  • Who doesn’t need a sound anti microorganism effect! Thanks to acetic acid present in Kombooster, our extract can kill many potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • Kombooster is regulating the communication of the gut-brain axis suggested to being very useful in preventing or minimizing the effects of anxiety and depression.
  • Consuming Kombooster on a daily basis will decrease the risk of heart diseases. Heart disease is one world leading causes of death. Kombucha slows down the digestion of carbs which reduce blood sugar level.
  • Cancer is as well one of the top leading causes of death. What this has to do with Kombooster? Cell mutations and uncontrolled cell growth characterize this disease. Polyphenols and antioxidants that are strongly present in Kombooster may prevent one from developing cancerous conditions. Polyphenols are blocking the gene mutation and growth of the cancer cell while also promoting the cancer cell death.

Kombooster Health Benefits