Our story

Everything has started about 20 years back, once the wife of the project founder collapsed and remained in the pretty lousy health condition. She was working very hard, traveling excessively around Europe and the stress had influenced her so severely that the doctors were giving her only 20% chance of survival. Naturally, that was the horrible time for the whole family – she was completely immobile, and remained in the bed for a couple of months.

The process of recovery was long. Metabolism of her body was slow and dysfunctional as well as her immunity system. That’s when, (after research based on already few years of experience), they have started brewing their Kombucha tea to help her recover. The formula they got to have supported the process of her recovery, but the founder of the project knew there is a way to get stronger and better form of the Kombucha extract. Few weeks of 15h/day effort, learning, trials (and errors) invested in deriving most effective Kombucha extract motivated by the urgent need to help the recovery of a loved wife, is the beginning and origin of our Kombooster story.

Soon after, the newly derived formula was responsible for recovery that surprised everyone: hospital personal, her doctors and family. It helped her to purify the blood, and her muscles and joints have recovered faster than ever. Since that time, ‘the first patient’ health only improves, and she never suffered from poor health again, because of having the Kombooster as a regular health booster in her daily supplement plan.

Inspired by this experience, we continue our mission. We want to share the benefits of Kombooster with as many people we can. We all need potent health-boosting elements and healthier lives – please help us to spread amazing benefits of Kombooster.

Goal of Hrepublic

To create the widest possible community of people living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle in abundance of physical, mental and financial health.

Vision & Mission

  1. Easily accessible protection of health, immunity and life energy by use of best natural supplements that effitently support each person's health and vitality.
  2. Providing possibility of financial freedom in the form of active and passive income, rewarding each activity of all registered partners, active support of business and personal growth.
  3. Healthy lifestyle, active support of business and personal development using all tools of off-line and on-line marketing.