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Kombucha is 100% natural Kombucha extract made from organic green tea, filtered water and highest quality natural sugar. This dark colored liquid of unique characteristics, provide and facilitate large number of health benefits. Kombooster is many times stronger than any Kombucha liquid so the benefit to the human body is much stronger and the benefits are occurring a lot faster. It contains vitamins (B2, B5, B6, C), minerals. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium as well as organic acids - acetic, propionic, gluconic, glucuronic and lactic acid.


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Kombucha is 100% natural Kombucha extract made from organic green tea, filtered water and highest quality natural sugar.

This dark colored liquid of unique characteristics, provide and facilitate large number of health benefits. Kombooster is many times stronger than any Kombucha liquid so the benefit to the human body is much stronger and the benefits are occurring a lot faster. It contains vitamins (B2, B5, B6, C), minerals. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium as well as organic acids - acetic, propionic, gluconic, glucuronic and lactic acid.

If you compare Kombooster content with Kombucha tea things get really interesting: one should drink about 3,5 liters of high-quality Kombucha tea in order to get near to nutrients you get from one daily dose (10ml) of Kombooster! There is no doubt, ingredients of the Kombooster are strong support for the health of the modern-day man and women. It contains powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, gut healing, and anticancer properties. Thanks to that it can help one in improving mental health and energy levels, it is assisting resistance against dangerous bacterial infections and various gastrointestinal issues.

Kombooster is assisting in managing common health issues like diabetes, maintaining a healthy heart and protecting the liver.

And the best thing is, anyone, simply anyone can use Kombooster! Healthy people as prevention, sick and those who recover from diseases, athletes, babies and even pregnant ladies can use Kombooster with absolutely no contraindications.

What is the difference between Kombooster and other Kombucha based products?

  1. Kombooster has several times stronger effect because all unnecessary elements and liquids are removed from it.
  2. Kombooster does not contain life microorganisms.
  3. Kombooster does not contains any alcohol.
  4. Kombooster can be used in an unlimited amount.
  5. Kombooster can be used by everyone with no limitation.
  6. Kombooster is produced by highest standards.
  7. Kombooster has 2 years expiry shelf life.

Nutritional content per 100 g

Nutritional facts per 100g:

Energetic value kJ/kcal

1138 - 1203 kJ / 272 - 287 Kcal


2.26 – 3.20

Raw material

67.97 - 69.92 %


29.52 - 32.03 %


0.18 - 1.03 %


0.058 - 0.43 %

Saturated Fatty Acids


Unsaturated Fatty Acids



68.78 - 69.87 %


18.13 - 35.25 %


10.68 - 17.07 %


2.35 %


1.95 %


0.009 – 0.047 %



0.09 – 0.10 mg/100 g.


0.06 mg/100 g.

Nicotineamid ( B3 )

0.13 mg/100 g.

Panthotenic Acid ( B5 )

0.18 – 0.21 mg/100 g.


0.09 - 0.11 mg/100 g.


4.40 – 27.00 mg/100 g.


Magnesium ( Mg )

100.00 - 121.80 mg/kg

Calcium ( Ca )

120.00 - 295.50 mg/kg

Potassium ( K )

70.00 - 120.20 mg/kg

Copper ( Cu )

0.164 – 2.214 mg/kg ( l )

Zinc ( Zn )

4.400 – 7.000 mg/kg ( l )

Iron ( Fe )

37.000 – 60.000 mg/kg ( l )

Nickel ( Ni )

0.800 - 10.350 mg/kg ( l )

Cobalt ( Co )

0.0115 – 0.030 mg/kg ( l )

Manganese ( Mn )

13.000 - 16.000 mg/kg ( l )

Acetic acid

1.50 - 2.16 %

Lactic acid

2.25 - 3.24 %

Note: All the values may vary 5-7% below lowest value or under highest value, or below or under the value


Is there alcohol in Kombooster?

No, Kombooster has no alcohol.

Is it Kombooster alkaline or acidic – based on the taste?

Kombooster is sour by taste but it makes the body alkaline although has acids inside

Is Kombooster safe for kids, pregnant women, receiving alcoholics?

Yes, there are no any kind of additives inside. It is 100% natural. Small kids, 7-month babies can use it, usually mixed big spoon in a little bit of water or directly. Pregnant women can use it directly but for precautions, in the beginning we mix big spoon in water for few days for adaptation period. Alcoholics are highly recommended to use it because Kombooster detoxify the body and cleans their liver attacked by alcohol

Is it same quantity of alive probiotics in Kombooster as in classic kombucha tea ?

There are no any kind of bacteria inside Kombucha extract including Acidophilus.

How much Kombooster can I drink a day?

It is recommended 3 coffee spoons a day as prevention. For more serious problems 3-4 big spoons a day and in extreme health problems one full jar a day.

How much sugar is in it? Can diabetics consume it?

Diabetics can consume it. It has fructose, sucrose, glucose – carbohydrates that are natural and actually when a diabetic use it, they are easily processed and turned into energy. The problem are those carbohydrates that body cannot recognize and does not process. For precautions diabetics use 3 days in a role, one big spoon mixed in 250 ml of water, every day. Next 3 days in a role, they use 2 big spoons mixed in 2 glasses of water (250 ml). Next 3 days in a role, they use 3 big spoons mixed in 3 glasses of water (250 ml). After 9 days, when they get used to it, they go directly with 3 big spoons a day not mixed in water.


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100% natural extract without preservatives, pesticides and additives

a unique food supplement that has no analogues on the market

it is an extract of the best that nature provides us

supports immunity

has anti-inflammatory effects

cleans blood vessels

lowers cholesterol

protects the lungs

improves eyesight (especially amblyopia)

supports the proper functioning of the heart, liver, kidneys and general blood circulation

acts as a powerful antioxidant

has aphrodisiac effects