Kombucha Extract

Kombucha Extract

The Kombucha Extract is 100% natural food supplement that provides the most efficient support for the liver, its detoxification pathways and the cleansing of the blood from toxins and metabolic waste products.

It is made from Kombucha tea, fermented probiotic drink made from green or black tea, which has been used as a traditional remedy to boost detoxification and overall health in the Far East for centuries. The Kombucha extract has a distinctive nutritional content. It contains small amount of specific minerals (Mg, Ca, K, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Ni and Co), vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C) and a unique combination of organic acids such as acetic, lactic, gluconic and predominately glucuronic acid, many of which have over a 100 times greater concentration compared with the Kombucha drink!

Kombucha extract is one of the best and most concentrated natural sources of the glucuronic acid, which plays key role in the liver detoxification processes (the glucuronic acid is capable of binding to toxins, converting them into water soluble and ensuring their elimination out of the body). It effectively binds to toxins such as food additives and preservatives, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metal residues as well as pharmaceuticals (medications) and excess hormones. 

Regular intake of the Kombucha extract:

  • - provides efficient detoxification of the liver and cleaning up of the blood of all toxins, by supporting key segments of the liver detoxification pathways;
  • - prevent liver diseases by metabolizing pharmaceuticals known to cause liver toxicity and enhancing the activity of liver hepatocytes;
  • - regulate blood lipids (by downregulating i.e. reducing the levels of blood triglycerides, total cholesterol and oxidized LDL cholesterol);
  • - regulate blood sugar levels by decreasing the absorption of starches and better regulating carbohydrate metabolism controlled by the liver;
  • - prevent oxidative stress and cellular and tissue damage caused by oxidative stress;
  • - provide protection of the cardiovascular system by preventing damages to arterial walls and cholesterol deposits that lead to development of atherosclerosis, hence providing prevention from heart attacks and stroke;
  • - clean out blood metabolic waster products such as metal ions, glycated proteins, fibrin, etc. which provides support in metabolizing thrombus and hematomas;
  • - prevent formation of kidney stones and support kidney function by metabolizing harmful substances ;
  • - provide nutrients and support toxin removals, hence preserving joint function and preventing inflammations in individuals with arthritis;
  • - prevent anemia, improve hemoglobin levels and energy (by increasing oxygen delivery to tissues);
  • - has antimicrobial action that prevents the growth ad kills a range of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases;
  • - prevent growth and proliferation of cancer (malignant) cells;

The Kombucha extract is appropriate for everyone with fatty liver disease (liver steatosis) or any other condition of deteriorated liver function and health, people with dyslipidemias, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (such as thrombosis, atherosclerosis) and people under constant load of toxicants (from medications for chronic conditions, environmental toxins, etc.) The recommended use of the Kombucha extract is 1 Tbs of extract taken 3-4 times daily, 10-15 minutes before a meal. Due to its all natural content and beneficial properties the Kombucha extract could be used both as short and long term support for the liver and the body’s detoxification system to improve and maintain a well-balanced metabolism, cleaned circulatory system and optimal energy. The Production of the Kombucha extract has received German Quality Assurance Certificate.

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